The Wicked Wallflowers Club

The Wicked Wallflowers Club

Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club! We are two authors who read, write, and love everything about the romance genre. We celebrate female empowerment and sex positivity. Entertainment Weekly featured us on their "Must List" as "a compelling reminder of why the oft-dismissed genre is a real force in cultural conversations".

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    69 - What We're Reading #8 with Erin Galloway

    In this 8th edition of What We're Reading, we're joined once again by our brilliant romance loving friend Erin Galloway who is the Deputy Director of Publicity for Berkley. We chat about all the great books we've read in the last month and what we're looking forward to this year!

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    68 - Katee Robert: The Fearless King

    Katee Robert joins us to talk about The Fearless King, juggling motherhood with writing, and her plans for a series inspired by classic villains!

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    65 - Victoria Denault: Now or Never

    Victoria Denault joins us to talk hockey romance and tell us all about the latest in her San Francisco Thunder series, Now or Never! She tells us the story of actor/comedian Paul Sheer live tweeting her book to make up for mocking the cover on social media--and what it was like to be caught in a public kerfuffle like that. We also chat about her recent move from LA to a small village in France (where we hope she's enjoying her wine and cheese and French countryside and we're not even a little bit jealous!).

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    64 - Darynda Jones: Charley Davidson Series

    We're joined by New York Times bestselling author, Darynda Jones! Darynda tells us all about her Charley Davidson series, which has just come to its conclusion with Summoned to Thirteenth Grave. She also talks about falling for her husband at the age of 10, discovering her son was deaf, her degree in Sign Language Interpreting, and her journey to becoming an author.

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    62 - Sophie Jordan: The Me I Meant to Be

    We're joined again by the fabulous Sophie Jordan to talk about her new YA release, The Me I Meant to Be, as well as our New Year's resolutions (or lack thereof), and books we're excited about in 2019!

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    60 - Elizabeth Hoyt: Not the Duke's Darling

    We're joined by New York Times Bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt! She tells us about her new series that starts with Not the Duke's Darling, the secret society of women that it features, and where her often dark storylines come from.

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