The Wicked Wallflowers Club

The Wicked Wallflowers Club

Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club! We are two authors who read, write, and love everything about the romance genre. We celebrate female empowerment and sex positivity. Entertainment Weekly featured us on their "Must List" as "a compelling reminder of why the oft-dismissed genre is a real force in cultural conversations".

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    93 - Abby Jimenez: The Friend Zone

    We're joined by USA Today Bestselling author, Abby Jimenez! Abby is also a Food Network champ who founded the Nadia Cakes Bakery out of her home kitchen back in 2007. Nadia Cakes has since gone on to win numerous Food Network competitions and has amassed an international cult following. We chat about her fascinating journey from one of the lowest points of her life to the wonderful successes she's achieved and the risks it took to get there. We discuss her debut novel, The Friend Zone, her hilarious dogs, and so much more!

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    92 - Sarah MacLean: Brazen and the Beast

    We're joined by Sarah MacLean who is not only a NYT Bestselling author, but is also a cohost of one of our favorite podcasts, Fated Mates. We chat about her latest book, Brazen and the Beast, how podcasting has impacted her writing, and the fabulously bananas books she's been reading lately.

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    91 - Mia Hopkins: Trashed

    We're joined by Mia Hopkins to talk about Trashed, her Eastside Brewery series, why we find it impossible to tell love stories without sex, and how motherhood has impacted her writing process.

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    89 - Kate Clayborn: Chance of a Lifetime and Love Lettering

    We're joined by author Kate Clayborn who chats with us about her Chance of a Lifetime series and her upcoming standalone novel, Love Lettering. We discuss what we would do if we won the lottery, our feelings on tense and POV in writing, and her thoughts on grunting heroes.

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    85 - Jenn LeBlanc: The Lady and Her Secret Lover

    A recording of Jenn LeBlanc's book launch event at The Ripped Bodice for The Lady and Her Secret Lover. We moderated a discussion with her and the cast about what it takes to shoot an illustrated romance, stories from behind the scenes, and more!

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